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Event Q&A

Together, we can build our skills, make new connections, spark ideas and be a force for positive change.

You're very welcome!

We are delighted to invite to the Festival people, community groups, not-for-profits, educators, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, students, philanthropists, communicators, academics, practitioners, policy-makers and all advocates for positive social and environmental change. We are also thrilled to welcome a number of national networks of practitioners to the Festival. Communities of Practice in resilience and transformation, community philanthropy, rural law practice, rural leadership, sustainable food, and social enterprise, will be hosting their networks at the Festival. We have also invited an exciting line-up of international, national and local change-makers to share their unique takes on change with us. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates!

What about my issue?

Our focus is very deliberately on skills rather than on individual issues. Each session at the Festival is designed to help you build your change-making skills so whether you are wanting to make a positive change in health, law, climate, equality, education, poverty, biodiversity or something else, there will be much to learn for everyone and much to be learnt from each other.

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What events are on offer?

How-shops: want to generate changeHow-shops will guide you through the nuts and bolts of change-making and build your capacity across visioning, planning, organising, resourcing, governing, navigating, communicating, measuring and sustaining change.


Big ideas: short talks by change-makers from near and far. Be inspired by stories of change. Big ideas will be held in the early evenings.


National network meetings: national networks focused on resilience and transformation, community philanthropy, rural law practice, rural leadership, and social enterprise will be meeting at the Festival. There will be a mix of public and 'closed' events for these groups.


Cross-pollination program: facilitated sessions will bring all attendees together into a network of networks where we can learn, share and connect with each other and build our collective capacity for change.


Special Events: there's five on offer; a screening of the award-winning BackTrack Boys, a chance to talk change with BackTrack Youth Works, a Community Projection event light show, Business as Usual on Trial at the historic Beechworth Courthouse and a tour of the Old Beechworth Gaol.


What events should I attend?

The emphasis of the Festival is very much on self-direction. You design your own program from the range of activities and events on offer; come for a session, a day, or the whole week, it's up to you.

Where will events be held?

Events will be held at a range of venues in Beechworth including Quercus Beechworth, the Beechworth Rotary Hall, Beechworth Masonic Lodge, Beechworth Honey Courtyard, Old Beechworth Gaol, Beechworth Town Hall, and more. This will spread the benefits of the Festival across town and allow us to run concurrent sessions to pack a bit more change-making into the week.

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What will a typical day at the Festival look like?

We'll kick off the days with a cross-pollination session to fire the neural and social networks. These short sessions are designed to connect you with change makers from around the country and build your network in a unique and inspiring setting.


You will then move off to your network meeting or a change-making how-shop  of your choice. These sessions vary in length, some are one-hour, some two-hour, some all-day. Bookings are essential and places will be limited. (Bookings open in January 2019; please join our mailing list for updates.)


The lunch break provides a chance to explore Beechworth and continue conversations in one of the many wonderful cafes, restaurants and pubs in the heart of the historic town, before continuing your skill building in afternoon sessions. 


As the day ends our cross-pollination program brings us back together as a network of networks to enjoy a drink, reflect on the day and synthesise our learnings in a fun and thought-provoking facilitated session. There will be some inspiring and creative things happening in these later afternoon sessions to keep your imagination sparking.


Then into the night, the Festival continues with 'Big Ideas', a series of free short public talks and other special events.


Watch out for an exciting free evening event, an enLIGHTening experience, which will shine a very different light on Beechworth!


How much will it cost?

It depends on the change-maker program you build for yourself. We are keeping the costs to Festival participants to an absolute minimum to make sure it is accessible to the widest range of people. So, some events are free, others are subsidised and others have a modest cost. Please see our program page for further details, pricing of specific sessions will be announced soon. The Festival is a not-for-profit event and any profits will be reinvested into the community through the Into Our Hands Community Foundation.


Most sessions will provide morning and afternoon tea, but lunch and evening meals are your responsibility, this keeps the running costs of the Festival down, gives you the freedom to make choices in line with your preferences and budget and spreads the economic benefits throughout our town, that's a win-win-win! Festival venues are conveniently located in town so excellent choices are never far away. 


Please bring your reusable water bottle to the Festival.


Please remember, the Festival is a not-for-profit event co-ordinated and run by volunteers. Your enthusiasm and energy will help make this a special event. 



How will I get there? Where will I stay? 

Festival attendees need to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Please check out the links on the Beechworth page for more options. There's something to suit every budget.

April is a glorious time in Beechworth. The days are warm but the nights may be chilly. Best to pack for all seasons.

I've still got more questions...

Please get in touch via and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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